Return Policy

  1. Products are returnable within the applicable return window if you’ve received the parcel in a condition that is physically damaged or tampered with.
  2. Return will be processed only if:
    1. It is determined that the product was damaged during shipping.
    2. The product is different from what was shipped to you;
    3. The product is returned in original condition (with brand’s/manufacturer's box, MRP tag intact).
  3. The window of return is only when the delivery partner or its agent is at your doorstep. Once the delivery partner or its agent has left the premises of your residence, the product cannot be returned.
  4. The product can be returned and refunded only if the photographic and/or videographic evidence of the tampered and/or damaged parcel is provided to Venketesh Biosciences LLP.

Refund Policy

  1. Products are refunded only after the product is returned and is in possession of Venketesh Biosciences LLP.
  2. The refund process will be started only after the Venketesh Biosciences LLP management is convinced that the product was either sent defective of was damaged or tampered with during transit.
  3. The refund of the cancelled order will be initiated only if the said order is cancelled within the cancellation duration.

Cancellation Policy

  1. An order can be cancelled only within 2 hours of placing the order.
  2. Full refund will be initiated only if the order has not been dispatched.
  3. There will be no cancellation after 2 hours of placing the order.

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